How to dramatically shorten your thingworx deployment and add immediate value to your stalled projects.

Author – Tim Smith

Thingworx customers have been uniformly crying from the same rooftop, “where are the developers?” or “no one told us it would be so demanding to maintain.” If you visit the developer’s forum it’s virtually empty of relevant postings. One developer stated that there just aren’t enough developers to go around. You may well be a customer who has bet the farm and bought into the PTC storyline. The two challenges a company would face is the ability to connect machines and the ability to present valuable collected information in an intelligent and responsive manner. Both challenges are fraught with issues. Companies are seeing delays in connecting machines due to shortages of competent technical personnel, unacceptable interruptions to production as critical assets are shut down for days or even weeks during this process. Unending cycles of connectivity testing and machines that prove to be impossible to get connected. The other challenge is that the process to “Build” or really develop from scratch the visuals needed can be self defeating in that what you develop is what you get. The moment you need something more, you start the whole process again. If your development resources are from outside, then the ongoing costs become prohibitive to continued growth.

Regardless of how far along you are, the light at the end of the tunnel may still be an approaching train if you follow the same track you have been travelling. If you feel like you are standing waist deep in the PTC quicksand, there may well be a solution for you. Memex has a working solution to supercharge your PTC quagmire.

MEMEX can natively connect to your thingworx generated OPC data bringing your connected machines online generating KPIs, metrics and event data the same day the machines are configured into the system. Further to that the users will feel like they have been dropped into the land of OZ with flexible and easy visualizations and reporting… immediately. Moving forward, MEMEX’s MERLIN Tempus EE can rapidly connect your existing machines using not only your existing thingworx approach but even better with OPC, MTConnect and FOCAS protocols. Many machines can be connected and configured in 3 hours or less. Older legacy machines can be equipped with an edge device in 4 hour on average. A stalled thingworx project can be turned around in no time at all by implementing MEMEX’s MERLIN Tempus EE. Add to that integration to ERP, MRP, MES and third party applications like Power BI. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 18 metrics over 10 timescales and 12 real-time and trending widgets to configure any view of collected information you want? How about configuring reports using 48 report templates focused on metrics, production and throughput with unlimited easy to use filter criteria and three sort criteria, out of the box?

No one wants a failed project. Save your project and your reputation, come and see what MEMEX can do for you.