Memex’s CEO Talks About its new CNC Hardware Product in Video Interview at IMTS

Proactive Investors – Sept 10, 2014 – Memex Automation (CVE:OEE) is getting some buzz from the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, as president and chief executive officer Dave McPhail talks about the benefits of the company’s new hardware product in an interview with MetalWorking Production and Purchasing of Canada.

The CEO showcases the company’s new MERLIN MTConnect hardware, which allows manufacturing companies to measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in real-time, enterprise-wide.

MTConnect is the open, royalty-free standard that is intended to foster greater interoperability between manufacturing devices and software applications. It is used with the company’s new CNC hardware adapters, bringing OEE network connectivity from the shop floor to management, no matter the make, model or vintage of machine.

The company said its new Ax760-MTC is a fully configurable hardware adapter that facilitates the communication with a company’s computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines via the MTConnect standard, and can be used with older FANUC-controlled machines that still populate about 50 percent of CNC machine shop floors.

“Rather than buying a new controller, you can enhance your oldest legacy controllers so they can take advantage of today’s MTConnect communication standard and take advantage of MERLIN OEE benefits,” Memex said.

“In many instances, this can substitute for a machine monitoring retrofit.”

The result is a tool that allows Memex’s MERLIN software to track a large number of data inputs that measure OEE in real-time, machine by machine as well as other operational machine information.

The MERLIN device monitors production and capacity utilization on the shop floor, improving profitability, reducing waste and ensuring compliance with regulations. It enables customers to address production bottlenecks as they happen, converting idle time back into production and ultimately improving throughput and increasing income from plant operations.

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