MERLIN 440A Behind-the-Tape Reader (BTR)

Maintenance-free punched tape replacement for NC/CNC machine tools

MEMEX - CNC Machine

The MERLIN Behind-the-Tape Reader (BTR) is an affordable RS-232C serial port retrofit for older NC/CNC machine tools.  The BTR replaces the machine’s tape reader, letting you integrate your older machine tools into a modern DNC system. The BTR simplifies operation and reduces set-up time by letting you load part programs and executive software directly from your computer.

Product Features

Simple, reliable operation. With the BTR, part programs are stored on computer disk and may be load or run directly from the computer, reducing both set-up and programming time. Punched tape is completely eliminated, along with the associated storage, handling and maintenance problems.

Easy to install and use. The BTR is installed inside the NC cabinet and connected to the NC’s tape reader port. This means that virtually any NC with a tape reader can be easily upgraded for direct program and executive loading as well as drip feeding.

Reader and puncher emulation. Bi-directional transfers are supported for NC/CNC machine tools equipped with both a tape reader and tape puncher port. In addition to loading files into the CNC memory, edited programs may be saved back to the computer. The BTR includes support for Facit parallel and RS-232C and current loop serial punch output ports.

Full support for CNC executive software loading. The BTR may be used to load CNC executive software directly from the computer. What’s more, the BTR includes a unique ‘Transcribe’ mode that lets you transcribe tapes to disk files using most standard tape readers.

Unlimited program size. The BTR includes 256Kb of memory (2184 feet) of onboard program storage with battery backup. For larger files, the BTR may be used to ‘drip feed’ a file from the computer.

Data echo ensures accurate loading. For the ultimate in accuracy and reliability, the BTR can echo data back to the computer for precise verification of program loading. In fact, this unique feature of the BTR lets the host computer control and monitor every aspect of program loading. For operator convenience, the computer displays the program as it is read by the NC and a bar graph indicates progress.

Complete system. The BTR includes everything you need to get started right away, including a free copy of the DNC BTR Edition software and a cable to connect the BTR to your computer.

Compatibility. The MERLIN 440A BTR can replace most tape reader models, including: Decitek, EECO, Fanuc, General Electric,Ghielmetti, Remex, Ricom and Sanyo Denki. The MERLIN 440A BTR works with most NC/CNC machines equipped with a tape reader, including: Agie, Allen Bradley, Bendix, Bridgeport, Cincinnati Milacron, Fanuc, General Electric, Giddings and Lewis, Houdaille, Kearney and Trecker, Mitsubishi, Okuma, Swedturn, Warner Swasey, Westhinghouse and Yasnac.

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